From a bad experience with other dentists…

From a bad experience with other dentists who advised to do a major treatment which is not even necessary. I went to this doctor, my experience went very well.

He understand patients thanks to Dr. Omar Fabbro for a job well done!

Gracelyn Weber

I strongly recommend Dr. Omar Fabbro…

The experience at the clinic was really positive. The clinic looks very nice and the staff is very professional and keen to help.

Dr. Omar Fabbro found the problem that I was facing for 2 months. He told me exactly what I needed, what had to be done immediately, what could be done later. The explanation was very clear.

I really appreciated that, and I strongly recommend Dr. Omar Fabbro.

The valet parking att the clinic is a plus.

Michele Gelmini
Musica Maestro Entertainment

Dr. Fabbro did a great job!

I was traveling for work in Dubai and unfortunately I had a dental emergency. Luckily one of my contact in Dubai suggested me Dr.Omar Fabbro, the Italian Dentist of the Centre, so I contacted him and went to 7 Dental Centre.

The Clinic is really beautiful, located in a lovely area of the city, and they warmly welcomed me offering some refreshments.

Dr. Fabbro understood my problem and my needs and explained to me in detail what was needed and the timing. The work was done superbly and I have to say that it was the best experience I have had so far with dentists.

Dr. Fabbro did a great job!

Fabio Di Bartolomeo
HSE Manager Sicurezza e Igiene degli Alimenti

Dr Fabbro was incredible…

What absolutely fantastic clinic. Dr Fabbro was incredibleprofessional, emphatic and did an amazing job on my teeth. would definitely go back and highly recommend it.

Suhayl Av

Dr. Omar Fabbro is a one of a kind dentist!

Dr. Omar Fabbro is a one of a kind dentist!
He really cares about his patients. You would never leave his clinic dissatisfied!
Take it from me.. I spent hours with an open mouth in dental surgery with him and he made it seem like a piece of cake. Generally, I don’t like dentists that much (sorry dentists all over the world) and they do scare me a bit. But I’ve made an exception for Dr. Fabbro! πŸ˜…

Farah Madi

Extremely recommended for a beautiful, Italian crafted, and happy smile! πŸ™‚

Dr. Omar is my family dentist, he did my wisdom teeth extraction and provided excellent after care in terms of calling me and constantly following up on my condition and how I progressed with the treatment and medication. Because of that, my husband also visited him for his own dental care and was very happy with the results. After a while, I discovered that my brother also is getting his dental treatment by Dr. Omar Fabbro!
He always makes sure to explain the treatment before and also during the process and makes sure that the patient is comfortable. Extremely recommended for a beautiful, Italian crafted, and happy smile! πŸ™‚

Ammona AlM

My absolute favourite dentist!

My absolute favourite dentist!Dr. Fabbro is patient, very professional and always offers advice in the best interest of his patients ( unlike so many others here in Dubai).
My husband and I have had dental work done by other dentists before we discovered Dr. Fabbro and all I can say is that I wish we’d found him sooner!

Richa Swaika

And finally I found the perfect dentist in Dubai!

And finally I found the perfect dentist in Dubai! Who knows me knows also that I’m so scared of dentist (sorry Omar! ), but Dr. Fabbro has such a soft touch, he is competent, professional, smiling. Definitely recommended, he is solving all my problems….and on top of everything I’m not scared anymore!

Maria Corea

strong ethic…

Very professional and Kind. Dr. Omar has always the right solution whatever your dental situation or problem is. I highly recommend him for the fact that he is also able to follow you step by step and to explain the process in details. In addition I did have the occasion to be reassured on his strong ethic as he always counsel the healthiest way rather than the most expensive. Thanks Dr. Omar!

Donna S M

Best doctor ever !!

Best doctor ever !!

Emad Alsayed



Edgora M



Rama Darwish



Betty Mora

I highly raccomend him also for his strong ethic

Dr.Fabbro is very professional and kind.
I highly raccomend him also for his strong ethic suggesting you what is really the best treatment for you rather than what is the most expensive.
Thank you Dr. Fabbro!

Rhoelyn Calderon
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