Gracelyn Weber

From a bad experience with other dentists who advised to do a major treatment which is not even necessary. I went to this doctor, my experience went very well. He understand patients thanks to Dr. Omar Fabbro for a job well done!

Michele G.

The experience at the seven dental clinic was really positive. The clinic looks very nice and the staff is very professional and keen to help.

Dr. Omar Fabbro found the problem that I was facing for 2 months. He told me exactly what I needed, what had to be done immediately, what could be done later. The explanation was very clear.

I really appreciated that, and I strongly recommend Dr. Omar Fabbro.

The free parking behind the clinic is a plus.

Fabio D.B.

I was traveling for work in Dubai and unfortunately I had a dental emergency.
Luckily one of my contact in Dubai suggested me Dr.Omar Fabbro, the Italian Dentist of the Centre, so I contacted him and went to his Dental Centre.
The Clinic is really beautiful, located in a lovely area of the city, and they warmly welcomed me offering some refreshments.
Dr. Fabbro understood my problem and my needs and explained to me in detail what was needed and the timing.
The work was done superbly and I have to say that it was the best experience I have had so far with dentists.
Dr.Fabbro is doing a great job!

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