GET BACK YOUR MISSING TEETH : Many studies show that if you have missing teeth, Dental Implants are the best solution for you!
EAT AND SMILE NORMALLY : We know how much missing teeth can impact your personal life, for this reason Dental Implants help you re-obtain both aesthetics and functionality!
PAINLESS PROCEDURE : Our implant technique aims to create a pleasurable and relaxing experience.
SAFE IMPLANT SYSTEM : We use ONLY quality Implant Systems, internationally recognized and used worldwide. 
FAST AND SAFE PROCEDURE : Dr. Fabbro applies European protocols for the Dental Implants placement and the hygiene of the surgical room. For these reasons our implant procedures are fast and safe.
LOCATION : Dr. Omar Fabbro works in the heart of Dubai, Jumeirah 3, a step away from Downtown Dubai and Burj Al Arab.


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What Are Dental Implants?

Research shows that patients complain about the high psychological and social impact in their life due to missing teeth; don’t be one of them: Contact Dr.Omar Fabbro!

Missing Teeth?

Dental implants are surgical prostheses implanted into the bone. They have the purpose to replace one or more missing teeth, functionally and aesthetically, and block the bone loss of the area stimulating osteointegration


Generally made in Titanium, implants are mechanically strong and biocompatible allowing the body to integrate them as part of it and providing the perfect foundation for fixed or removable teeth replacement.

Function and Aesthetic

The Crown over the implant will have the aspect and the function of a natural tooth, blending perfectly with your actual teeth to give you back the lost Smile!


Many studies show that if you have missing teeth, Dental Implants are the best solution for you!

Dr Fabbro was incredible

What absolutely fantastic clinic. Dr Fabbro was incredible – professional, emphatic and did an amazing job on my teeth. would

Suhayl Av

Dr. Fabbro did a great job!

I was traveling for work in Dubai and unfortunately I had a dental emergency. Luckily one of my contact in

Fabio Di Bartolomeo
HSE Manager Sicurezza e Igiene degli Alimenti

I strongly recommend Dr. Omar Fabbro…

The experience at the seven dental clinic was really positive. The clinic looks very nice and the staff is very

Michele Gelmini
Musica Maestro Entertainment

From a bad experience with other dentists…

From a bad experience with other dentists who advised to do a major treatment which is not even necessary. I

Gracelyn Weber

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Dr. Omar Fabbro : The Italian Dentist


Dr. Omar Fabbro is a highly skilled Italian Dentist holding a Master in Oral Implantology and a PGClinDip in Orthodontic and TMJ Disorders Therapy with an exceptional eye for aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry.

A top graduate at the University of L’Aquila (Italy), Dr. Fabbro started his clinical and research activities early on in his university career at the department of Orthodontics and TMJ. He then achieved firstly the title of "Second Level Postgraduate Clinical Diploma in Orthognathic and TMJ Disorders Therapy" and secondly the tile of "Master in Oral Implantology" and is still actively engaged with the clinical research activities of the University.

He is an author and co-author of different national and international scientific publications, spokesman at international conferences and has reached thousands of colleagues and patients via his articles, videos and reviews in the field of dentistry.

Furthermore, Dr. Fabbro’s drive in improving individual smiles also led him to attend internationally renowned courses in aesthetics and prosthetic dentistry.

Average Rating: 5.0 stars (based on 4 ratings)

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